Public Health Plan Development & Standard Operating Procedure Design

  • Risk communication plans, mass prophylaxis planning, communicable disease control
  • Disease-specific plans (pandemic influenza, SARS, Ebola)
  • Epidemiology and Infectious disease control SOPs

Public Health Training and Education

  • Disease-specific case management and outbreak control
  • Epidemiology
  • Public Health Preparedness

Health Program Implementation

Health agencies are tasked with implementing health programs through granting agencies or corporate headquarters. KBD Health can assist in program development, establishing measureable objectives and goals. We work alongside current staff to determine the most effective strategy for introducing a program into the community and establishing long-term success. KBD Health is skilled in delivering health messaging and trainings, as defined by the needs of the client.

Infectious Disease Outbreak Control

Whether a governmental public health agency is seeking to bolster their readiness for managing cases of reportable disease, or a private industry is developing a program to increase communicable disease preparedness, KBD Health provides health training utilizing the communicable disease control measures consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. KBD Health can provide on-call service to assist in outbreak management and disease-specific needs.

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